More writing??? Seriously?

So I’ve decided to start a blog…yay? I already have a million writing projects I’m working on, so why am I doing this again? Maybe it’s because as much as I love writing, I love writing <i>about</i> my writing just as much, maybe more. Also, this is a pretty exciting summer for me and I really want to keep a record of it, but I’m never disciplined enough during the summer to actually write in my hard copy journal. Mostly, this will be a more permanent and explained version of what I put on facebook. I know I’ll be motivated to update this blog all the time because I want people to be able to share in the journey with me.

What journey? The journey to hopefully get my novel published!

Yesterday, I submitted my very first query to a literary agent–huzzah! Some other time, I’ll write about the painstaking process to get to this point and I’ll explain it for the majority of my friends who don’t know what a literary agent is. But this is the start of something new and exciting in my life. I can’t stop thinking or talking about it, so I figured I’d use this corner of the internet to gush to my heart’s content. Welcome aboard, hope it doesn’t get too monotonous.


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