A list of personal bad writing habits.

These are words that I’ve noticed I overuse so much it makes me sick!

1. “Just”
2. “That”
3. “I mean”
4. “So”
5. “Well”
6. “Her”
7. “Started” (characters who “start to _____ (shuffle, drive, look, etc)” when they can just DO the darn thing!
8. “Be able to” (If something “Might be able to hold the weight” it can just as easily “Might hold the weight).
9. “felt” (Too often, I say “She felt the harness dig into her skin” when “The harness dug into her skin” is SO much better!)


For some reason, I get comma happy and like to use commas before “and” in simple sentences that don’t need them. For example: “I glanced at my hand, and vaguely noted it was red.” Luckily, I’m catching them and deleted them as I read through.


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