Time to Breathe

I’m taking this weekend off from any serious writing. I sent off a query to Daniel Lazar on Friday night, but I’m spending most of my time getting away from the adrenaline rush of querying and writing. Daniel Lazar is an agent at Writers House, a very well-known and established agency. There are several other agents at Writers House I intend to query, but they have a rule that you shouldn’t query multiple agents at once, so I have to wait until I get a rejection from him until I move onto the other agents on my list. Luckily, he has a reputation of responding lightening fast–often withing fifteen minutes of querying him! It’s the weekend, so I won’t hear back until Monday, but I’m fairly confident I’ll get a response on Monday.

FYI, I’m using this super-nifty site called QueryTracker.net to do a lot of my research on agents. Always use multiple sources (the best being the agent’s own site) to figure out which ones you want to query, but this one is a gem! I’m surprised they don’t require you to pay, that’s how good it is. You get a free account and it lets you search by multiple genres to find agents who represent the sort of thing you write. It has graphs to tell you how long it takes on average for a response and what percentage of queries the agent rejects (AND what percentage of those are form or personalized). It has comments from other writers who have queried them, telling you more detailed information. Having an account also lets you keep your own list of which  agents you intend to query and then cross them out after you’ve been rejected. Oh, and there’s so much more. It’s been so useful in helping me be organized with the whole process.

The Absolute Write Water Cooler has also been invaluable. It’s a VERY well-known online forum where writers/editors/publishers/agents get together to talk about everything writing-related. It’s large and kinda intimidating, but I’m always surprised to find how many famous authors I bump into while searching the threads. Their “Bewares, Recommendations, and Background Checks” topic has helped me from getting scammed several times.

Following agents on Twitter and reading their blogs has also been a way for me to get my fingers on their pulse. You can read about their pet peeves, learn about contests they’re holding, and hear if they’ll be coming to a city near you. Unless you’re really brave and start leaving comments, it won’t improve your actual report with them, but who cares? You feel like you know them better even if it’s just an illusion. 😛


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