Quickie Post (In the form of a Romeo/Juliet parody)

Just two things, gentle readers:

1. If thy bent of love be honorable and thy purpose entertainment, send word today that a new Guardian Ghost letter hath been posted for the first time in over six months!

Guardian Ghost is a Steampunk-style story we create writing letters back and forth, BUT the catch is that we as authors cannot discuss the story at all. We are building the story together, but we don’t know what the other writer is going to throw at us next! It’s loads of fun and has romance, murder, and a girl who is a therapist for ghosts. Just go here: http://www.GuardianGhost.wordpress.com

Aaaaaand 2. Anyone reading this have a Shelfari account and want to share bookshelves? I’ve been on the site for several years now, but haven’t picked up many friends. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a neat site that lets you save and rate all the books you’ve read. I find it really useful for when I’m asked “What are your favorite books” and I don’t want to miss one.


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