I’m back!

Sorry for the long hiatus, folks, but it seems that as a college student, I’m constantly packing up everything I own and moving somewhere only to have to rinse repeat a few months later!

I haven’t had much time for querying or novel polishing. I did get a rejection email from lit agent Shana Cohen, so I only have the two agents at Donald Maas to hear back from. What I did accomplish was a query rewrite, participating in WriteOnCon, and writing/revising/submitting a short story. After receiving some feedback on query #1 that suggested it should reflect the quirky voice of my novel, I changed the tone from “attempted Mr. Moviephone epic” to something a little more Terry Pratchett/Douglass Adams-esque. I got some great feedback on it from WriteOnCon (that was a nice segue wasn’t it?) and I’m going to tweak it a little more and then send it out!

WriteOnCon was a GREAT experience that I was sadly only able to scratch the surface of because it was smack in the middle of moving week and I have a full time job to boot. But I made a few new friends and helped them out a little by critiquing their work. I managed to pack while I listened to some of the Q/A video sessions, but I need to catch up on a big chunk of the amazing chats and blogs I missed.

Oh, going back to the query thing. When I revised my query, I took the plunge and came up with new labels for my Mages. They are now called The Elect and the title of my novel has gone from “Earth Mage” to “Ready for Anything”. It’s not a very sci-fi title, but then again, my novel has a very casual tone that downplays the sci-fi setting most of the time. I think it works.

The short story I wrote was a Hansel and Gretel retelling for Enchanted Conversation’s October issue. I only had a rough idea of what I wanted to write when I started, which is unusual for me, but H&G isn’t really a fairytale that grabbed my imagination’s attention immediately. I knew I wanted something simple so I could make it shorter than my Little Mermaid retelling, which was a whopper. Because it will be months until it’s posted online, I don’t mind telling you that I’ve given it a science fiction twist. I wrote and revised it in one weekend and so far, I’m not as emotionally attached to it as my Sleeping Beauty or Little Mermaid stories.

My brain still isn’t functioning well enough to think of topic to write about, but I know there are lots of ideas floating in my head, I just need to stop stirring the pot so they can come to the surface.


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