Finding the Time

I’ve always guarded my summers jealously because ever since 8th grade, summer has been my writing season. It’s been a good system until now: Focus on school during the year and use my vacation time for my novels. I know that for some people, having a lot of free time on their hands decreases their productivity, but I guess that being homeschooled for the elementary grades taught me to fill the extra hours with personal projects instead of wasting it online (although even I get trapped far too often in the vortexes of point n click games).

So it’s never been a big problem that I can’t discipline myself to write unless I’m at home for a long stretch of time. However, now that I’m graduating in the spring, there isn’t going to be a summer vacation anymore and it worries me how I’ll manage to get any writing done when I’ll only have the brief weekends to commit to it. I’ll find a way, I’m sure, but it’s hard to know that the days of easy are over.

I’ve always said that having the time for something/someone is a matter of making the time for them and now I’ll have to prove I can hold myself to that rule.


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