Have I ever mentioned that I don’t use outlines for my novels? Well, that’s because I did a heavy chunk of paperwork on those stories long before I ever started writing them. This is a rather self-indulgent post where I get to walk down memory lane (or memory alley, more like it) and you, dear reader, will probably be really confused. This is my OCD at it’s highest point, folks. These are pages from the calendar Sarah and I kept during our years of role-playing. This was my life back then and I always wanted to remember those days because I knew they wouldn’t last forever. Don’t worry, I swear, I’ve done a ton of simplifying for the actual novels. 200 plus characters just doesn’t work for any series, no matter how long it is!  Stare and be afraid, be very afraid.

Oh, and if you actually want to read most of the pages, you’ll want to click on the pictures and zoom in. Most of them ARE readable if you get close enough, lol.

A taste of how detailed our notes from the Mindplay became.

This page is from two or three years into the story, when I was using Mystra as my main character and only played Jezel occasionally. Because the Mindplay started as a sort of a Star Wars fan fiction rpg, you’ll notice that many of the names are SW character names. The SW world was our sandbox, so we had no problems mixing characters from across SW canon. So OWK stands for Obi-Wan Kenobi (from the prequels) and Jaina/Jacen are Han Solo’s kids.

Our main concern was to keep track of where we’d left our characters so that when we picked the story up a week later, we’d still remember. Most of the calendar pages have even MORE margin notes and often the back page is crammed with plot line to-do lists.

Sometimes, our characters had VERY busy months!

Things to look for in the month of November (above):

Cat’s (short for Catriona) was one of the few characters important enough to have an assigned birthday (sorry, no spoilers as to who she is in case I get published someday).

The little circle symbol with the slash mark through it means “Zero-space”, which is where the Sith lived. The little circle symbol with the cross in it = Earth.

J or JK = Jezel Kensington. QGJ = Qui-Gon Jinn. Laetatur is the most important planet of the entire Mindplay because it’s where our heroes live. Mace = Mace Windu.

The little fish “nada” drawing isn’t related to the story. It was just Sarah’s way of being cute. When nothing happens on a day, it usually means that we really wanted to get to a good part and skip over travelling time.

Oh, but you think THAT’s crazy complicated? This next picture is of the final calendar we ever kept before the Mindplay ended. We actually bought a wire-bound planner so that we could have the extra large calendar boxes AND have extra pages to keep the overflow in check.

The left side of January's calendar

The overflowed details for a few of January's days.


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