Top 5 Things I’ve Learned About Marketing…

My summer reading

One of my promises to myself about post-graduation life was that I never wanted to stop learning. As someone who was once homeschooled, I’ve always found learning to be most satisfying when I’m taking my education in my own hands. So one of my favorite things about my new internship is that it gives me an excuse to run to the library and check out books on how to run small businesses online. So last week I finished peppering Starting an Online Business for Dummies with post-it notes and am currently working my way through Web Marketing For Dummies. And I love it because it is dang practical!

It's really thick!

So here’s are a few cool tidbits I’ve learned:

1. The upper right hand quadrant* of your website is one of the most important areas of your page because that’s where people’s eyes go first, so put the information or graphic that you want people to see there.

*Strangely, when I read the book on e-newsletters, it said that the upper LEFT quadrant was where everyone looks first, so now I’m confused. Maybe it’s different for web pages vs emails.

2. Even numbers leave people wondering what comes next, so use tabs in odd numbered batches. So have three or five items rather than seven (although this seems counter-intuitive to me).

3. Studies have shown that if you outline your “buy now” button in red, it will increase the number of clicks you get on it. Make the red change to green when someone’s mouse hovers over it, and you’ll get even more!

4. WYSIWYG (Stands for “What You See Is What You Get” and is pronounced “wizzy wig”) = A type of program that lets you customize your web page without having to know HTML. So if I want to make my own web page, instead of having to work with this:

Maybe someday I will know what this means...

I can download software that lets me work with this:

An example of a WYSIWYG editor

5. Apparently, “Top 5” or “Top 10” lists are a great way to catch people’s attention. The author even admits that he doesn’t understand why, but he says it’s a tried and true formula. Oh, hey, today’s post is kinda like that! What a coincidence!

So I’m learning a lot, but what exactly am I doing for my internship? Well, my #1 responsibility is taking care of the magazine’s facebook page. I post updates about what’s going on at Enchanted Conversation and I find fairy tale related stuff to talk about. I track how many “likes” the page is getting and try to coax people into commenting. I also made a spiffy “welcome” tab that I’m pretty proud of.

If you want to help me look good to my boss by “liking” our page, here’s a link:
Beyond the facebook thing, I’m working on finding a new logo for the magazine to use as avatars/profile pictures –something that can start us creating a uniform look. My friends Beka, Lani, and Ryan are all amazing with art and have been doings some designs for me. It’s pretty exciting to see everything they’ve come up with so far. My friend Robbie is starting up his own website design company ( and has been helping me brainstorm ideas for improving the magazine’s site.

And to top it all off, I designed a prototype e-newsletter, so we might start offering a monthly newsletter sign-up. Lots of stuff is currently in the works and it’s just a matter of what I can get done before I get overwhelmed with writing conference prep.


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  1. goletamiracle
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 15:16:47

    Great post!!!!


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