WriteOnCon 2011!

If you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you might remember WriteOnCon from last summer. It’s a perfect opportunity for those of you who wish you could go to a writing conference, but don’t have the money because it is 100% online and FREE! 2010 was its first year and it was so successful that it is back–bigger and better than ever!

And it’s starting this next week! The dates are August 16-18!

Just like live conferences, there will be agents, editors, and authors giving presentations, Q&As, and critiques. The curriculum is geared for kid lit writers, but I can guarantee there is still plenty to learn for writers of adult novels as well. This year, they even have an awesome query ninja event going on where literary agents sneak around the forums offering random critiques for writers who have posted their query letters.

What I find really cool is that many of these people were at the SCBWI conference (To only name a few: Alan Silberberg, Jay Asher, Steven Malk, Tina Wexler, Kelly Sonnack, and Lindsey Leavittgrew (who I’m pretty sure I shared a hotel shuttle with).

Hope to see you all there! Register here: http://writeoncon.com/


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