Retreating Forward!

I’m back from my writing intensive weekend with my friend Courtney (see previous post). The buzz of inspiration is always a thrill, but when inspiration is mixed with collaboration, it becomes positively addicting!

Also, my favorite writing projects are the ones that requires me to create a Google calendar for the story. Because Guardian Ghost is written in letter form, it’s important to make sure the dates don’t get wacky. If I send a letter across the country by pigeon, it shouldn’t take the same amount of time as if I’d sent it across town.

Anyone else find they write better when they’re reading a really good book or watching some brilliant television show? This weekend, I’ve been watching Downton Abbey and reading A Monstrous Regime of Women (the 2nd Mary Russell/Holmes book by Laurie R. King), which not only share the same time period, but they are full of five-star characters and insights. I find that if I put good writing into my head, my own ideas improve…and the author’s style has been known to creep into my own writing, which is certainly amusing when I’m writing sci-fi and reading Jane Austen!


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