Charming Note #5 = Fail! :(

So I tried to find Sigmund Brouwer’s address and I failed. Normally you send a letter to the author via their publisher, but it proved impossible for me to track down. He also didn’t have a personal email address listed anywhere and the best I could find was an email for requesting a school visit. Yes, I know I could have tried that, but I’m one of those people who likes to follow the rules and if something says it’s for Purpose X and my purpose is Y, then I feel like I’m breaking some unspoken rule. So for now, his letter will have to wait.

But I’ll still talk about him a little bit here because he’s one of my favorite authors 🙂

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer is a Canadian author of all sorts of Christian fiction. He made it onto my short list of “Contemporary Christian Authors Who Do NOT Suck”  that I wrote a year ago. He’s one of the few who have successfully pulled off Christian sci-fi for young adults. A perfect Christian book seamlessly weaves its message into a strong story and compelling character. And for nailing that, I raise my glass to Mr. Brouwer.

Now, there are a lot of his books I’ve never read. He has written books about cowboys, hockey, and preteen boy detectives aren’t really my thing. And it’s been YEARS since I read any of his stuff so my memories of what I most loved are pretty hazy. Definitely time for some re-reading, but here’s my list of favorites:

1. Magnus/Wings of Dawn/Winds of Light series: This book has gone through multiple reprints and title changes. You can either buy the series in eight bite-sized pieces OR you can buy a thick book with the whole story in one place. It’s about Thomas, who leaves the monks he grew up with to reclaim the Earldom of Magnus. He teams up with a knight and a mute girl, but there are plenty of people conspiring against him. Full of mystery, adventure, and ancient cultists!

2. Cyberquest: Again, can be bought as one book, or a series (I’d recommend the complete book to cut down on repetition). This is a post-apocalyptic book that mixes virtual reality, time travel, and a spiritual journey.

3. The Mars Diaries: Set in the near future on Earth’s first colony on Mars. The main character uses a wheelchair and is a virtual reality expert.

Alright, I’ll try to find another author to write before the week is over. I’ll possibly take a look at the writers of my Star Wars novels. Dare I write the great Timothy Zahn?


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