The Cost of Getting What You Want

Hello! I squeezed in time for letter writing!

This is probably the last post on this site you’ll see for a long time. I’m cutting back on my projects, starting with the ones I’m already not updating, like this one. I can’t stand blogs that just stop posting and leave their readers hanging, so I’m respectfully telling you that shouldn’t bother checking this page for a while. I’m not shutting down, but it’s very unlikely you’ll hear from me for a long time, probably months.

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I had hoped that once I got settled into my job, I would be able to resume my usual blogging activities. I naively believed it would be only a matter of savvy time management.

Oh, how very wrong I was!

Let’s take stock, shall we? Right now, I have this blog, my Diamonds and Toads blog, which requires me to keep up with both Once Upon a Time and Grimm, I’m trying to start Timeless Tales, and I’m part of a writing critique group. Those are the biggest things. And what do I have time for? Ummmm, cleaning my room, but only sometimes–wait, that isn’t on the list?

I have to cut back. I’m struggling at the job–I keep making mistakes and things keep falling through the cracks, and it’s happening at a rate that I find unacceptable. My memory has been failing me, which is partially due to short-term stress and information overload, but it’s also because I’m not getting enough sleep. I can’t control the former, but I can do something about the latter. Thanks to the fast pace of the job, I rarely feel tired, but even though I’m feeling fine, it’s causing me to forget things. This isn’t a job I can cruise through on auto-pilot.

So I’ve committed myself to a laptop-shutdown time of 10 pm in hopes that it will result in an earlier bedtime. This will carry throughout the weekend because I don’t want to negate the benefits of sleeping in on those days. I am NOT happy about this. I have so little free time already, I hate robbing myself of even more of it. But we will give it a month and see how it goes.
Here’s some good news, though. My good friend David has just started a blog of his own and it’s about board games! And not plain old Scrabble and Risk, either. David has introduced me to so many fantastic games since I’ve known him. You should totally check it out:

Well, it’s 9:50 pm, so you know what that means! I’ll see you sometime in the future!


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