My Counter-intuitive Wedding Secret

I wrote the first three paragraphs of this post back in March, starting with the line: “Rather surprised to find myself having time to blog a month before the wedding.”

Hah! So much for THAT!

Forgive me as I take a few posts to shake the last traces of wedding off my brain. I spent 8 months planning it, 1 day executing the plans, and nearly 2 months writing thank you letters in its wake. Blogging about it will be the last step in the detox process and then I can return to my regularly scheduled programming.


Here were my thoughts back in March:

Since the engagement, my wedding stress has hovered around a rather tame level  4 (out of 10) with a handful of spikes to 7 or 8. For someone as high-strung as I am, this is nothing short of a miracle. I credit my calmness primarily to my wonderful fiance and secondarily to learning a completely bizarre lesson in procrastination.

No idea if other brides have experienced this, but for the first time in my life, I’ve found the upsides of procrastination. Normally, I’m a deadline oriented planner, which should work great with large-scale event planning. The first thing I did after getting engaged was research books and websites dedicated to wedding timelines and budgets. I’ve been faithfully using The Knot’s checklist. For the first half of my engagement, I pushed myself to make decisions according to its advised schedule.

But somehow the decisions I’ve made “on time” have ended up backfiring. This happened most notably with choosing our reception venue. I rushed into picking a location way back in September without realizing they had several deal-breaking decorating restrictions. By the time I discovered my mistake, it was November. Thankfully, I backed out without penalty, but that didn’t assuage my panic as I started searching elsewhere.

And in the middle of January, I stumbled upon a venue better than the first. It even had a stage swathed in red velvet curtains like my original dream had envisioned. If I had given into the timeline’s pressure, I would have never found it.

Just look at those luscious curtains!

Just look at those luscious curtains!

Of course, I did make plenty of timely decisions that worked out. The dress was purchased early on and the alterations done before January. None of that caused regret, thank goodness.  But in general, I have never found so little reward in proactivity. While I certainly cannot prescribe procrastination for brides-to-be, I would warn other early birds like me that they are not guaranteed to get “the worm”. Wedding planning is all about timing and sometimes it takes more guts to wait rather than preemptively striking.


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  1. corinnemariedonnelly
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 16:50:13

    I loved reading this, Tahlia! I miss your blog posts.


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