I internally debated whether to post this after I wrote it since I’m sort of participating in the very problem I’m complaining about…but what the heck…


The last post was my first since October 2012, which is 8 months ago. After long absences, many bloggers return to their site with their tail between their legs, taking a long introductory paragraph apologizing profusely to their readers for the long delay in posts. They continue to explain the reason for the gap, triumphantly declare their renewed commitment to the blog and vow to write more regularly.

Personally, I find the whole ritual to be utter nonsense. As for my own blog, I have no delusions that it is so wildly popular that my non-existent fans are pining away if I don’t post. And that is totally okay, so don’t think I’m complaining. I suppose it is fun to pretend the world cares, which is why most of us blog in the first place, right?

But beyond the idea that apologizing is a tiny bit self-aggrandizing, I think it’s boring for readers to wade through a long preamble to your real point in writing, especially since all the introduction is doing is talking about your lack of writing. Never write about not writing. Just jump back in and run with it.

That is all.


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