What’s Next?


Right now, I am comfortably settled on the couch in our apartment listening to R practice his ocarina. I doubt I’ve ever been more content with my life. I’m a little worried the universe will think I’m greedy if I attempt to add more good things to my life. Maybe I should stop while I’m ahead rather than risk losing my balance by reaching further.

Who am I kidding? I’ve always been ambitious and there are things I still ravenously want from my life. I’m excited to re-enter my future with a supportive teammate cheering me on. Now, I just have to pick a path to follow.

Many brides get post-wedding blues once they lack a big project to plan. This is not the case for me. I have spent the past two years mourning my shelved projects, whispering promises that I would return to them someday but fearing it might never happen. I haven’t had the time or the sanity to even consider picking them back up until now. And I’m still not confident I have the time, but I must try. Life isn’t going to slow down any time soon, so more waiting would only be an excuse.

My two main projects are:

1. Timeless Tales (the fairy tale webzine I was trying to start before I got my full-time job) – Full back story HERE

2. Whispers of Aetheria (my young adult sci-fi novel)

At this point, I cannot fathom trying to work on both. It would be easier for me to focus on my novel and possibly smarter. Everyone in the YA market is saying that good ol’ spaceship and laser pistol sci-fi will be the next trend. However, when I was handed the keys to the Diamonds and Toads blog, I made a commitment to the numerous readers that I would create a new webzine for them. I have stories from several writers–have even recorded them as audiobooks–and it would be an injustice to hold onto their stories indefinitely. I feel very strongly that now is the time to decide whether I pursue the webzine or not. If not, I have a duty to return the blog and stories to their original owners. If I do choose to pursue it, then I need to start funneling time and resources into launching the website pronto.

Playing with title artwork

Playing with title artwork

So I’m giving myself until the end of the year to get Timeless Tales launched. If I don’t have a quality product and a means to continue it by then, I’ll abandon the project and focus on my novel instead. I’ve chosen the more intimidating path, but I am hoping it will yield a great reward.


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