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Blog Hop I got tagged by Rhonda Eikamp, who I know through Timeless Tales Magazine,  to participate in this blog hop. She’s just getting started with blogging over at Writing in the Strange Loop. Everyone in the hop answers the same questions and passes the writing baton to others. So let’s get started!


Pandora by Steve Delamare http://stevedelamare.deviantart.com/

1) What am I working on?
Answer: My main focus is currently Timeless Tales. That’s more editing than writing, of course. My big long term goal project is my YA sci-fi novel Whispers of Aetheria: The Earthian. I’ve been doing rewrites on it for the past five years whenever I have a chunk of time to delve into it. I’ve written short stories and poetry in the past, but I try to concentrate my energy and not get distracted.
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Answer: T.T. is unique because it incorporates lots of genres. It exclusively publishes retellings of classic stories, instead of publishing new tales and is one of the few magazines with a focus on mythology, one of my great passions.
Whispers of Aetheria is special because it’s almost as much chick-lit as it is sci-fi.  Sure, it involves other galaxies and characters with telekinetic/telepathic powers, but the narrator is a happy-go-lucky teenager who gets just excited about Oreos as she does about being The Chosen One. Jezel is no Katniss or Bella, who react to the darkness in their worlds with intense introspection. Jezel treats the most dramatic events like they’re a party…which causes her no end of trouble, naturally. I really want this book to bring a fun playful tone to sci-fi without drifting into the zany goofiness of Hitchhikers. 
3) Why do I write what I do?
Answer: I don’t write for the sake of writing (mostly). It’s rarely a private way for me to express myself–every word I jot down, I plan to share someday. Even my journal I think about as a work someone might read in the future. When I find a world/character/idea compelling, I long to capture it and make others experience it.
4) How does my writing process work?
Answer Part A: I’m going to deviate and start by describing my process as an editor. My first issue, I didn’t want to read submissions until the deadline had closed, but since then, I’m trying to speed the process up, so now I start reading once I have 5-10 submissions. I read through each one and rank it from 1-10. Sometimes, I’ll highlight in red the parts I dislike (or typos) and yellow the parts I find impressive. Then I let them sit for a few days before re-reading those with a 5 or under. If a second reading doesn’t make me want to bump up its ranking, I usually send out a rejection letter to the author.
I rarely send out acceptance letters before the deadline has passed, so with T.T., so the longer it takes to hear from me, the better your chances of being accepted. Since I have a limited budget, I want to be 100% sure that I’ve picked the absolute best.

Answer Part B: With my writing, I generally rehearse the story in my mind, letting the characters and plot percolate in my brain until they’re ready. Then I write the first draft in a rush, trying to get to reach THE END without regard to length or style. Next comes my favorite part: Revision. Most of the time, by the time I’ve finished my first draft, I have a clear picture of what needs to be changed in the second. If I’m struggling with a length restriction, this is when I try to make my big cuts to streamline it. The third draft is all about trimming as much as I can. I go line by line and pick out any filler words and replace weak words with punchier ones. For short stories, I’m usually done after that. For novels, there will be tons more revising and I usually run it through lots of reader feedback. Rinse and repeat until my story is published.


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  1. 1stmissstrangelove
    May 07, 2014 @ 07:14:50

    I found you through following the link on Rhonda Eikamp`s blog “Writing In The Strange Loop” and have one thing to say:
    I love oreos too!
    Therefore I really hope you keep up the good work, so I can read about a science fiction protagonist who does the same.

    Kind Regards,
    Ms. Strangelove


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