WordPress Versus Wix

ImageA while ago, I posted “My Top 10 Brand Loyalties” where I discussed companies I have bonded with. I would now like to add two more to that list. Wix and Canva. Let’s talk about Wix today. 

Back in 2011, when I first announced I intended to create Timeless Tales, I hit a huge roadblock: Research told me that WordPress was my best option for designing my website. Now, I’m decently tech savvy and I successfully use WordPress for this blog. So how much harder can a website be?

ImageSeveral weeks playing around with WordPress turned into several months. And when I say “playing around”, I mean banging my head against my keyboard crying, “Why does the universe hate me!”. 

No images of my disastrous wannabe WordPress site exist, so here are some pics of my early attempts to create a T.T. logo using Powerpoint and stock photos. Frightful aren’t they?


Hoping that a little programming expertise would fix my problems, I asked a developer friend to help me. He was great, but neither of us were designers and every tiny change required an email explaining what I wanted. It could take a day just to switch the font color. Worst of all, I was ultimately powerless to make any changes myself. The website looked awful and half-baked. Better to just let it gather dust until I could spend the money on a professional designer. 

Then I started seeing Facebook ads for a site called Wix. When I checked it out, a magical world was opened unto me. It was exactly what I’d craved–a site that let me click and drag all my website’s elements exactly where I wanted them. Everything was customizable! Better yet, it had a good amount of free clipart graphics for me to use. 

This is a screenshot of T.T’s first homepage (minus the header).

Timeless Tales homepage screenshot

In a matter of days, I went from having an unusable website to having a space I was proud of. And I did it all by myself 🙂

Timeless Tales Header


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Olga Kirillova
    Apr 18, 2014 @ 12:36:32


    I really like your little review ! I really appreciate reviews where authors give their own experience!

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    Try the difference :

    I would love to have your feedback or review.

    Thanks for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


    Olga Kirillova


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