Following Up on My 2015 New Years Resolution ($20/Month to Causes I Care About)

Last year, I made a resolution to contribute $20 a month to a cause I cared about. Since I run a webzine that is fueled by donations, it only seemed right that I became the type of person who helps support things (people, artists, websites, services) that I care about.

Most of the time it felt AMAZING to send financial support to these places because I really felt proud to play a part in keeping them up and running. Putting $20 in a tip jar made me feel like I was some rich mogul throwing gold coins in the air. However, sometimes, I felt really depressed that I only had $20 to give. This mostly struck when I was contributing to my personal friends. $20 just seemed so paltry when I looked at how much they really needed to meet their goals. I kept telling myself, “Something is better than nothing”, but I kept wishing I could do more.

January: Beehives in Austin Schools Kickstarter

  • I’m a bit of a honey connoisseur (I actually have a honey log where I write down notes about all the different types I’ve tried) and my interest in honey has lead me to read a lot about colony collapse disorder. Increasing urban beekeeping is one way to stave off the damage CCD is causing.

February: International Elephant Foundation

  • One of my husband’s favorite ways to cheer me up is to send me gifs of baby elephants because they’re always falling down in super cute ways. So I decided to contribute to preserving real elephants in Africa.


March: Subbable: Crash Course

  • It’s one of the best educational Youtube shows out there right now, with channel topics ranging from economics to science.

April: Darths and Droids creator:

  • I’ve been reading Darths and Droids, a webcomic that uses screenshots of Star Wars and retells the story as if it were a DnD campaign. It is extremely well written and hilarious. It deserves some type of award for its brilliance, so the least I could do is find the Patreon page of one of its creators and contribute to it.

May: Wikipedia

  • I use Wikipedia a ton, and usually ignore their annual pledge drive because it seems impossible that such a big website could ever need financial assistance, but the truth is that I shouldn’t take any free service for granted, not even wikipedia.

June: Tom and Jan’s Medical Fund

  • Reason – A friend of mine (and previous coworker in California) broke his leg and was struggling to pay medical bills, so they asked their friends for help.

July: Valerie and Aaron’s medical fund

  • Another friend of mine injured his knee and was struggling to pay medical bills, so they started a fund for their friends to help out.

August: Write Jobs

  • I’ve gotten several great writing gigs through the postings on Write Jobs, so it only seemed fair to give something back to them by donating. Extra bonus = I realized they offer graphic design services in exchange for donations, so this year I hired them to do some work for Timeless Tales.

September: Joy and Ryan’s Australian Missionary Fund

  • Two of my friends are trying to move to Australia for missionary work, which of course is very expensive, so they’ve been fundraising this year.

October: Emerald Tavern Tip Jar

  • Gave an extra big Thank You to the hard working staff at our favorite hangout location.

November: Westmont College

  • Whenever my alma mater calls, I always try to respond, even if it’s only with a little bit of financial assistance. I always specify that the money must go to the arts, not the sports program.

December: Shut up and Sit Down

  • These British guys review board games. Unlike most board game reviews, which are overly long, poorly edited, and boringly straightforward, SUaSD goes the extra mile to ensure each of their videos is funny and informative.

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  1. Corinne
    Jan 21, 2016 @ 15:13:27

    I love this, Tahlia! It was really fun to see your updates on Facebook throughout the year. It also inspired me to donate to a few causes too! 🙂


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