When Pandemic Seeps Into Real Life…

You know you’ve been playing too much Pandemic when you have this conversation:
R: Did you check mail today?
Me: Oh, no, I really only had time for tidying up and making dinner today, so I totally forgot. I can do it tomorrow on my way to work though.
R: Well, I have to take out the trash tonight, which is right next to the mailboxes, so I’ll just grab it while I’m there.
Me: Wait! You won’t have enough actions.
R: Yeah, I will. It’s one to travel there, two to deposit the trash, three to grab mail, and four to travel back home.
Me: (shakes head): That region is contaminated, so it’ll take you an extra action to pick up the mail. So you’ll be able to travel there, but not get back. So unless you want to sleep outside tonight, I’ll just get mail on my first turn tomorrow.
R: Hmmm, well, normally I’d say it’s worth it, since my special power is “Sleep Anywhere”, but that zone has already been hit with the virus pretty bad, and I really don’t want to be scarred tomorrow morning…
Me: Oh, hang on! We have a helicopter. We’ll just use that to get you home safely. *High Fives*
In other news…